Product Brands


At Family Air, we are not really product specific. We can install just about any model of system. We believe that all the systems are basically the same. The most important factor concerning equipment is the Warranty of the Manufacturer and the sound rating of the condensing unit.

Family Air offers a wide range of installations to meet all of your air conditioning needs.

Most all Heating and Air Conditioning Companies use the same internal components.
Maytag has the best warranty in the industry: 12 year all parts.
Maytag’s sound rating is 5 dB’s less than all other manufacturers.
They received the 2012 Consumer Digest Best Value in HVAC Award!

Heating, Air Filtration Systems, High Efficiency Units, Commercial HVAC Service, Residential Heating, Residential Cooling Service & Installation, Maintenance & Repair “We work with all the best manufacturers and will help you determine the very best brands for your project…”


Family Air can install any of the top brands of equipment on the market. We have been in this business for over 54 years as a family and are Authorized Dealers of all the top manufacturers. Furnaces come in different levels of efficiencies ranging from 80% to 96%. When we come out to your home, we can discuss the best fit for your personal needs.

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning today is much more efficient than yesteryear. The New units have much higher S.E.E.R. Levels (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings). This is one of the options we discuss when we do an in home comfort system design for you. A New Air Conditioning System can literally pay for itself in Energy Savings alone with in 5 To 10 years and will dramatically lower your electric bills.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are Used either for in the wall applications or used as a split system with an air handler located in the ceiling, attic or a closet. They are most commonly used when there is no gas or in smaller square footages without duct work.

Ductless Mini Split Systems

This is sometimes a viable option to heat or cool an area of a house or a computer room. These units are very effective in many situations such as an ad on or if duct work is challenging or impossible.

Rooftop Units

At Family Air we have installed hundreds of Package Heat Pumps, Package Gas Electric Package units, and condensing units on roofs all over Orange County. These systems are most commonly installed in commercial applications. Family Air has a Commercial and Residential divisions and is happy to discuss installing, servicing or performing maintenance on any and all of the above.

Air Filtration Systems

There are a wide variety of Air Filtrations available on the market today. The most popular Air Filtration Systems which we install are the Merv 13 Home Air Cleaner. It will remove 76% of particles as small as Viruses. There is an event based thermostat that will automatically clean the air in your home every day. Perfect for Asthma or Allergy Sufferers. It has an easy access door for convenient servicing and filter changing. The Electronic Filter will provide cleaner air in the home and will increase the life of your Heating and Cooling System. The Polarized charge on the media pads capture and remove airborne particles. It does not produce hazardous ozone or positive ions. It has quiet operation and removes particles as small as 0.01 microns. We can also install UV light air purifiers which destroys chemical and biological odors including bacteria, viruses, mold and volatile organic compounds. We also carry a State of the Art Hepa Filtration System for the highest quality Mountain Fresh Clean Air Available.

Temperature Remodeling

Family Air can separate your home or office into individual zones to maintain more even temperatures. Did you know that the upstairs in normally 8-10 degrees warmer than the upstairs? Zone Systems can alleviate this problem by separating the HVAC System into multiple zones (usually 2-3) this will regulate the temperature in each zone. In addition to maintaining the desired temperature, a zone system will help reduce energy costs and increase efficiency.